AIM Support is poised to supporting and providing privileges throughout the globe, our ultimate goal is to spread development and literacy so as to enhance self sufficiency. We run programmes and services to enhance advancement of technology and developments, as an organisation based in the UK we support charities and young talents around the world. We understand that today’s economical needs do affect the development of talents and could contribute to a short-fall of intelligence, we are challenged to working towards limiting this economical barriers by extending our support where necessary.

  We currently support some schools in the rural areas of Siera Leon where we provide computers and book aids to encourage learning and education.

As finance is a major holdback in the educational advancement of most developing countries we have handpicked countries we feel are mostly starved of this opportunities and have developed a specialised scholarship schemes  to help the talented, please click here to see more on scholarships

We are constantly researching on development programmes and new ways of uplifting self sufficiency  for the less privileged, we aid, support and bring technology into indigenous  crafts, handy-work and trades, click here to see more on development researches.